Roasted Coffee - Mt. Elgon (Pre-order)


Roasted Coffee - Mt. Elgon (Pre-order)



We are now accepting pre-orders for this year’s harvest. The picking season has just begun in Kapchorwa, Uganda - where we are on the ground working with pickers, growers and two washing stations to produce a shipment of specialty coffee for Australia. (More information below.)

Whilst we will be selling some of the coffee ‘green’ (to roasters) we are also offering roasted coffee direct to you - the consumer. We have agreed upon a minimum purchase quantity from our producers based on our green coffee sale projections, our financial constraints and physical limitations on the ground.

Roasted coffee pre-sales will enable us to build more drying tables (allowing us to dry more coffee per week) and commit to purchasing more coffee from our producers (that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to) - basically if you pre-purchase roasted coffee from us you will be having a direct, positive impact on the value chain and those within it.

We anticipate our coffee to be landing in Australia early 2019 and then promptly roasted and shipped to customers. We will be sending out regular updates - keeping you informed on the stage your coffee is in currently (picking, processing, drying, export) and providing you with insight about how your purchase is directly impacting the people responsible for producing your coffee.

For more information on what we do please explore the rest of our site and follow us on social media.

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Intersection Traders


We offer free shipping on orders of two 250g bags or more - so order some coffee for next week or friends and family as well!

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