We are proud to work closely with a number of organisations

To achieve the best outcome we believe its is imperative to work closely with everyone involved in the industry and supply chain. There is true wisdom in being open to the experience and knowledge of others, whether that is a worker in the field or researchers from top international universities.



Our project in Uganda would not have been made possible without the foundations being laid by a research project looking at innovative value chains to improve food security in Eastern Africa.



We cannot emphasise enough the importance of working closely with coffee farmers. Improving coffee quality is an unachievable goal without the producer understanding what the final product will be, receiving a fair price and developing a connection through the supply chain. 



Coffee roaster, cafes and their patrons are final destination for our coffee. Their expertise and feedback is invaluable for guiding our quality assessment. We work closely with a number of coffee roasters and cafes to help determine whether changes to coffee processing and or plantation management might increase the value of the coffee and price received by the growers.